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With my current practice, I see a large number of people suffering through major illnesses: in particular, cancer. I watched helplessly for years as they suffered through the extremely debilitating treatment programs and saw so many quality of life issues surrounding their illness. This prompted me to learn how to help them in their day to day attempts at feeling good, as they recovered from both the treatments and the ravages of the disease. I found that diet is the single most important step they could take to help themselves feel stronger and more vital. I also found that good nutritional supplement programs were very effective at countering the quality of life concerns, gaining in vitality and protecting their body as it fought to regain its balance.

Just gaining the knowledge was not enough. I felt compelled to share the information that would help. I developed my counseling skills over the past 20 years and now spend the majority of my day counseling patients and customers from all walks of life on methods of obtaining and maintaining their optimal health. Through the careful use of targeted nutritional products, I have been able to truly help people affect a positive change in their health and wellness. more



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