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Nutritional Supplements can help put you on the path to a full, healthy, active life. Life the way nature intended.
Eating a balanced diet and exercising consistently are vitally important to your overall well-being. However, with the demands of a modern lifestyle, that’s not always possible, so leading experts recommend taking dietary supplements.

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Ntritional Supplements


Biodelivery's Multi-Vitamin

Quanity: 120 Tablets

Price: $18.00

Research supports the importance of optimum vitamin levels for good health. Multi-Vitamin formula contains protective levels of vitamins known to protect the body. Added to these are various supportive nutrients known to enhance energy and optimize cellular energy. The phosphoglycolipids provided in the uniquely engineered tablet base of NT Factor™ allow superior bioavailibility by forming liposomes or envelopes around the mineral and delivering the nutrient directly to the blood stream. The growth factors and friendly colony forming units of L-Acidophilus and Bifido species bacteria, as well as the omega 3 and omega 6 nutrients combined with hypoallergenic fiber, provided by the 160 milligrams on NT Factor™ in each tablet, make BioDelivery Multi-Vitamin one of the most complete supplements available anywhere, and the most natural.*
Ntritional Supplements


Biodelivery's Optimal Nutrition Pack

Quanity: 270 Tablets

Price: $64.00

Formulated by our own pharmacist, Mike Casso, the Optimal Nutrition Formula is the most comprehensive multivitamin available on the market today. The Optimal Nutrition Formula contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and special nutrients to aid in energy function and digestive health. The product contains the innovative tableting base, known as NT Factor, which has been clinically proven to increase energy, memory and proper digestion. This product was designed to help those undergoing chemotherapy and other fatigue causing problems. It is more expensive than the typical multivitamins, but after trying it, you will see why.*
Ntritional Supplements


Biodelivery's Essential Fatty Acids

Quanity: 90 Softgel Capsules

Price: $27.75

Biodelivery's Essential Fatty Acid Formula provides a complete array of essential Omega 3 and 6 oils plus important GLA and Omega 9 oils. Essential fatty acids are, in fact, essential to health maintenance. Promotes healthy heart, immune, nerve and brain function. Maintain healthy bone, cholesterol, and hormone levels and keep skin and other tissues supple.*
Ntritional Supplements


Douglas Labs' Citrus-Q10

Quanity: 100 mg 60 tablets

Price: $48.90

Citrus-Q10 is a breakthrough formulation of coenzyme Q10 in a 100 mg fast-melt tablet. Using patented technology, not available in any other CoQ10 product, Citrus-Q10 has been shown to be the fastest absorbing CoQ10 formula ever. Overall, Citrus-Q10 was shown to reach a peak plasma level almost 3 times as fast as hard and soft gelatin formulations. Each fast-melt tablet provides 100 mg. of naturally-fermented coenzyme Q10 in a delicious tasting vegetarian and sugar-free formula.*