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PharmacySeveral years ago, I opened Casso's Wellness Store & Gym in Metairie, Louisiana. The store combined the presence of professional healthcare providers, educated in areas of nutrition, disease management counseling and skin care, with professional grade products and an abundance of qualified, researched information. We are now helping over 500 people a week to achieve their targets in health and wellness. With more energy than we should expect, we are now able to take our skills and products to the world, through our new website.
You Deserve Pharmacy Counseling Services!
We have a serious problem in the healthcare industry, in which there is an incredible amount of information available for pharmacy consumers, but there is a significant lack of communicating the PROPER information to patients about their medications and combined methods of obtaining optimal health.
Let's face it: We are in a world of information overload. There is so much information available that we are all confused about how to use it! You can read 100 articles on the Internet about your health conditions, your medications, their side effects, your nutritional status and various ways to stay young and fit… and with all this info, who knows what to do?
Surveys show that the only time that people think seriously about their health and mortality is when they are at the doctor's office or the pharmacy counter. Yet, so often patients leave these places without true knowledge about their conditions and medications, what effects to expect the medications to cause them, what potential for interactions between other medications or diet and nutritional supplements. As a result, we self-medicate and that is quite dangerous.
Pharmacy Counseling Services
Medications do come with detailed drug information and you can learn about them in publications, but the information includes terminology you need a Ph.D. to understand. Most people simply want to know what the medication will do, what the possible short and long-term effects of the medication may be on their body and what can they do, as a patient, to be remain healthy while they are taking the medication…and when will they be healthy enough to not be on the medication.
Good pharmacy counseling services solve this problem. Having a pharmacist well trained to counsel you on these topics would go a long way toward resolving the chaos of "information overload" we currently experience. But it is not hard for any patient to see that many of the pharmacies they use are way too busy to spend any time with counseling, particularly if they shop at a high volume drug store. It is not that they don't want to help, they just have so many medications to process, and they are not left with any time to translate the complicated medical information into "lay" terms we can all understand. And, that is a shame.

Added Pharmacy Services
At Casso's Wellness Store & Gym, we have spent the money and time to become educated in several areas of pharmaceutical, health counseling, in order to take our counseling services to a new level. We provide the necessary counseling to accompany customized medications, known in the pharmacy industry as compounding. We also provide information related to the lifestyle and dietary issues that you face because you are taking certain medications.

We feel that you deserve to know what is going on with your health and well-being. Our goal is to empower you to make healthy decisions as you heal from conditions and treatments encountered during your life. We also feel you need someone to talk to about your health concerns. We are proud to make available counselors in the area of disease management, medications, nutrition, natural medicine and skin care.

About this Website: Integrating Counseling in Traditional and Complementary Medicine
This website contains information about a great deal of health conditions and methods of affecting them through dietary, nutritional and complementary approaches. We do not believe in "alternative" medicine. We believe in smart approaches to integrating traditional and complementary medicines. We utilize pharmacy and nutritional science to back our counseling services, rather than provide you with anecdotal information you might receive from other Internet sites. Our goal is to expose you to information that will help you make safe and beneficial choices as you take charge of your health situations.
Each section within the website is information created as answers to questions my patients and customers have asked over the past few years. I carefully maintain the latest information about nutritional products, services and considerations regarding each of the health conditions addressed. I welcome more questions and have created links on each page so that you can ask questions or seek additional counsel from me. If you are in the New Orleans area, stop by Casso's Wellness Store & Gym in Metairie or give us a call. If you are out of the area, you are welcome to fill out the contact information and ask any question you are interested in learning about. For personal questions, please feel free to contact us by telephone.
I want to thank you in advance for spending time on our website, either in the purchase of products or the pursuit of health information. It is through easily digested information that we learn to take charge of our health.