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Hello, my name is Mike Casso and I am the pharmacist for Casso's Wellness Store & Gym in Metairie Louisiana.

  Casso's Wellness Store & Gym combines the presence of professional healthcare providers, educated in areas of nutrition, disease management counseling and skin care, with professional grade products and an abundance of qualified, researched information.

  Through the careful use of targeted nutritional products, we have been able to truly help people affect a positive change in their health and wellness.

  We are proud to make available counselors in the area of disease management, medications, nutrition, natural medicine and skin care.

  You are welcome to fill out the contact information below and ask any question you are interested in learning about. For personal questions, please feel free to contact us by telephone (504) 888-3077.

Wellness is Contagious…Get Infected!
Learn how to add years to your life…and life to those years!

Jerry "Mike" Casso R.Ph.

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Who better to trust with your nutritional needs than the pharmacist you trust with your medications!