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NutritionDear Mike,

I read your column on dieting and I agree with you - diets don't work! I have tried several and I fall off after a few weeks. I am looking for a few good tips to help me control my appetite as a lifestyle choice, meaning how I can eat from now on and know I am getting good nutrition AND controlling my diet for weight purposes. I want to look good in a swimsuit all year, every year. Can you offer any suggestions?

SL, New Orleans

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NutritionDear Mike,
I have friends that take so many vitamin pills it's ridiculous. Is that dangerous and what could someone take in one or two pills, instead of twenty, to stay healthy?

CC in New Orleans

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NutritionDear Mike,

  My New Year's Resolution to lose weight didn't completely work. I lost a few pounds in January, but the diet I used was boring and hard to use. Now, we are approaching summer and I really want to look good in a swimsuit. There are so many weight loss products on the market, I am really confused about what to eat, how to exercise and what else I can do to lose enough weight to feel good and to look good. Do you have any suggestions?

RG, Mandeville

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Dear Mike,

  I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. The doctor suggested some changes in my lifestyle were in order, including diet and exercise. He told me that I should consider these prior to taking any medications, but I wondered if there were any supplements you recommended in addition to the diet and exercise program. What is your approach to this?

 MC, Metairie

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NutritionDear Mike,

While I am in pretty good shape, I have had a problem keeping my cholesterol levels in the normal range. My doctor is suggesting I consider a cholesterol medication, but they are pretty expensive and I do not have any health insurance. I read on the Internet that there are some good nutritional products that can help with cholesterol. Can you offer any advice?

HM, New Orleans

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NutritionDear Mike,

  I am so confused about menopause and the options for Hormone Replacement Therapy. Do you have any suggestions?

CE, Minden